Our goal in this is to build a community.  A community that engages, inspires, and empowers one another. 

Through our blog and social media platforms we hope we can unite, inspire, share, encourage and educate. We firmly believe that we are in this together and we want to hear from YOU! We encourage you to share your stories with us and inspire others in the B. Community.

It is our hope that as the company grows we can extend our reach and build relationships with you and for you to build relationships with each other through an annual B. INSPIRED conference.  We envision this multi-day event being full of fashion, friends, inspiration, kindness, fitness, food, and making a difference. Make sure to follow us for latest information on the development of this conference.



Are you inspired?  Doing something kind?  Being active? Creating change? Or just want to show off how you are carrying freedom? Share it with us by using #CARRYFREEDOM and start connecting and engaging with the B. Community.


Each collection has a theme that embodies a certain attribute like our B. BRAVE collection for example.  The bags in this collection are named after individuals, whether that is a survivor of human trafficking or other persons that we feel represent an attribute that the collection is named for.

If you have an idea for a collection theme and/or would like to submit a name idea with a story of why that person embodies a certain empowering trait then please email us at


Utah women that are making a difference

our story changes theirs

Our mission is to empower women while making a difference in the lives of victims of human trafficking. 10% of your purchase helps rescue a child from sex trafficking.


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