Editors + Bloggers are loving the BARRI message and sharing on media outlets everywhere. Check out what they have to say...


HER Magazine "A Dream Come True With Crowdfunding: How I Raised Over 30K"  |  July 2016

A Lotta Living "B. KIND | B. INSPIRED | B. ACTIVE | B. CHANGE"  |  May 2016

For the Joy of Life "BUY A BAG, HELP SAVE A CHILD"  |  May 2016

Night Chayde "Handbags for a Cause"  |  May 2016

 Lauryncakes "Bellbottom Jeans"  |  May 2016

The Stylish Nest "Support BARRI handbags and OUR"  |  May 2016

Rebate Zone "Christmas Gift Ideas 2016" | December 2016

Rain For Change "One in a Million"  |  December 2016


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