BARRI handbags is very excited to announce our partnership with Operation Underground Railroad, a nonprofit that works to rescue children from sex trafficking.  Quarterly, BARRI handbags will donate 10% of each bag sold to help fund their cause

There are many great organizations that help fight human trafficking, we however, specifically wanted to work with Operation Underground Railroad because they are one of the very few that are equipped to work and train local governments as well as actually RESCUE these children and ARREST their traffickers.
Every BARRI product comes with either our signature purse fob or a metal tag that has the words FREEDOM engraved on it to serve as a reminder of the cause your purchase supported. 
We encourage you to visit Operation Underground Railroad’s website to follow their inspiring work and to learn more about who they are and all the ways you can help make a difference. 



We hope our bags will be a conversation starter, a cause to carry, and a way for a community to connect. We are more than a fashion brand or a cause company: our aim is to style your life and encourage you to live your best life possible. 

At BARRI we strive everyday to live our life by our four core values:

b. inspired   |  We believe in living an inspired life, when you are inspired, you are full of purpose.
b. kind           |  We believe in having a kind heart.  Kindness connects our souls and makes our communities flourish.
b. active       |  We believe in being active.   Being active not only creates a strong body but also a strong mind. 
b. change     |  We believe in creating change. Change for a better world and a better us.  

This messaging is so important to us that you will find these words engraved in every BARRI product. 
We like to think of your bag as your best girlfriend encouraging you throughout the day and reminding you of the impact you have on the world around you every time you open up your bag or wallet. 

When you buy a BARRI bag you are buying into a lifestyle, a lifestyle that inspires you to be more and to do more.

What will you b.?


words to inspire; products that give back

our story changes theirs

Our mission is to empower women while making a difference in the lives of victims of human trafficking. 10% of your purchase helps rescue a child from sex trafficking.


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