Coming up with a name for your company or brand, which essentially is your dream come true is quite nerve racking. It has to be perfect! Sure names can be changed but who really wants to do that? I mean, I wouldn’t even change my name when I got married if that tells you anything. 

I knew that when it came to selecting a name for this company it needed to hold value and importance to me. I brainstormed lists and lists of possible options- all with logos planned out but eventually landed on a shortened version of my last name.

ULIBARRI simply became BARRI.

My last name holds a lot of value to me; as I am sure last names do for many but for me, mine represents my Grandpa. I man I did not have the joy of having around long enough but nonetheless had an impact on my life. With all sisters it’s also a name that will not be carried on.

But even more then that BARRI carries an even greater meaning, one that was so fitting for this new venture and this new chapter in my life.

You see, Ulibarri is a Basque last name, a people that come from the most Northern tip of Spain and in the language of the Basque people BARRI literally means, “new”.

This was my new beginning and for those that are rescued from a life of sex trafficking, it is their new beginning too.

How perfect is that?

XO | Ashley Ulibarri



  • Ash

    Isn’t it? Meant to be I like to think. Thank you so much Cynthia!

  • Cynthia Johnson

    That is beautifully perfect. I love what you’re doing. ?

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