When I first came across the post by Natasha at Canary Jane looking for people who would be interested in participating in her “I AM AMAZING BECAUSE” campaign I was instantly hooked by the message she was wanting to send.

With the start of the New Year we are all focused on those New Years Resolutions and Goals. The common theme usually being, “New Year, New You!” and while yes, we should always be striving for a better version of ourselves. I know I for one have a laundry list of goals for the New Year – like less ice cream. My 30’s are proving not to be so kind to my teenage eating habits. We should also be celebrating who we are today.

No matter what your goals are for 2017, please know that YOU ARE AMAZING. YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Please use this time not only to set goals for the year to come but to also reflect on what you have already accomplished. It’s what you’ve already done that is going to get you to where you want to go.

As I was thinking of what makes me amazing, which let me tell you was a really awkward thing to do, I realized that the fact that I was so completely uncomfortable doing this proves the point that we don’t celebrate our amazingness enough.

How is it so easy for us to point out our flaws and the flaws of others but so hard to give ourselves and others a compliment? So let’s add that to our list of New Years Resolutions and Goals… embrace our amazingness and don’t be afraid to flaunt it and lets lift others around us by telling them why they are amazing too.


                        I use my fears as motivation to propel me forward.

                        Loyalty, compassion, and fairness are my cornerstone values. .

                       I put words into action.

                       I surround myself with other amazing people.

                       I dare to dream big and believe in myself.

and  I AM AMAZING BECAUSE  I believe in you too.

I invite you all to take part in this campaign. Post a photo of yourself stating “ I am amazing because...” and make sure to use #IAMAMAZINGBECAUSE for a chance to be featured.

Also check out Canary Jane’s blog post, as she will be posting links to many others that are sharing this message.

Can’t wait to see and read everyone’s #IAMAMAZINGBECAUSE posts!

XO | Ashley Ulibarri


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