July 19, 2017

perfect mom bag


Redefining the mom bag. Named for my little sister, one of the most inspiring and brave moms I know.

At 19 she found herself pregnant with her first child. At 24 weeks pregnant, her and her husband learned their baby had a disability. He would be born with Spina Bifida, a disorder where the spine does not completely form. The doctors and nurses recommended abortion. My sister could have done that, taken the easy route, but she chose to keep her son and whatever challenges and heartache that meant. Abortion was never even a consideration for her. She bravely chose the unknown and embraced it with all her heart.

It's only now, that I am a mom myself, that I can a really grasp- even just a little bit- how brave and strong my sister has had to be and continues to be.

My nephew just turned eight years old. There has been countless surgeries, hospital visits, challenges, and heartaches but with all that he is truly one of the most amazing kids I know. His spirit touches all who meet him. He is asked to speak at events often, is an Ambassador for Shriners Hospital, and it is not rare to see him in the local newspapers and/or on television, he has quite the engaging personality and attracts attention wherever he goes.

His attitude towards life and its challenges is a true testament of the example my sister has showed him.  Her brave heart has given him the confidence to have a brave heart too.

XO | Ashley Ulibarri


no limitations with Spina Bifida


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